Catalogue of courses


Our range of courses cover a range of levels, from complete data science and AI novices to experts wanting to deepen their knowledge in a specific area


  • Foundation course for non-data scientists
  • Foundation course for developers

Beginner Courses

  • Refresher course on data science with Python

  • End-to-end Pythonic data science and ML on GPUs

  • Introduction to Machine learning with Python

  • Introduction Neural Networks and Deep learning with Python

  • Interactive Machine and deep learning development on GPU servers and the cloud

Executive and Leadership

  • AI strategy for executives ​

Life Sciences

  • Introduction to data science for life science researchers

  • Data Visualisation for life science researchers

  • Graph-based Machine and deep learning in Life Sciences

  • Computer Vision in Biological Sciences

  • Machine and Deep Learning for Sequential Biological Data

  • Reinforcement Learning in Life Sciences

  • Recommender systems and likelihood-based inferences in Biological Sciences

  • Machine and Deep Learning for Multivariate Biological Data


  • Introduction to data science for engineering 

  • Computer vision in automation 

  • Computer vision in transport

Finance and Insurance 

  • Introduction to data science for finance and insurance 

  • Data Science applications for investment banking 

  • Introduction to Alternative data

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