Who we are

Mindstream AI provides artificial intelligence innovation strategy solutions for enterprise clients and startups to equip them to embrace the AI revolution and become leaders in the field. Our clients are some of the biggest health and life science institutions in the UK.  

Mindstream Labs focuses on curating and designing accelerator programmes for enterprises looking to innovate and invest in high growth startups.


Through Mindstream Academy we focus on increasing diversity and talent within data science.

What we do


The leading specialists in data science and AI health education. Through our Academy we aim to democratise the AI landscape by deploying data science and AI knowledge in a variety of industries. Our vision is to increase representation from diverse and minority groups, through our train and deploy scheme.


Through Mindstream Labs we team up with companies looking to innovate by investing in high growth startups.

 Through our accelerator and hackathon programmes we combine expert workshops, mentoring sessions and training with funding, to enable start ups with high growth potential the support they need for a route to success.

AI Transformation

Helping companies to navigate the AI revolution through AI transformation led by our leading AI experts.

Our team

The mindstream-ai team is highly experienced and includes leading data scientists, sector experts, innovation specialists and strategic consultants. We are the leading AI specialists in the health sector.

Our team is intent on helping organisations innovate by giving them access to some of the best resources and advice available.

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