Accelerating the adoption of AI

Harnessing the transformational power of ethical data science and AI 
Who we are

Mindstream AI provides AI strategy,  training and consulting solutions for  enterprise clients,  startups and individuals to equip them to embrace the AI revolution and become leaders in the field.


With Mindstream Academy, the only school solely dedicated to data science in the UK, we are able to address the shortage of talent and provide world class resources to implement your data science projects.

How we work


Mindstream Academy takes talented individuals with a minimal understanding of data science and upskills them to become data science and AI specialists.


Once trained, students have the opportunity to work as consultants on a variety of clients and projects.

Clients benefit from a wide pool of resources.

AI solutions

Mindstream AI provides AI powered solutions and corporate-level AI transformation programs to transform enterprises into great AI companies.

Our team

A collective of the UK's leading data scientists, AI experts, and innovation specialists. We are the leading AI specialists in the health sector.

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