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Our team

Paul Dowling
Sandra Tusin

Paul has over 30 years experience of working in technology and management consulting firms. He has also spent the last 10 years working with startup founders and investors in the European technology startup eco-system. He is a regular speaker at international startup events and mentors several leading accelerators. Paul is passionate about the potential for large and medium sized organisations to innovate through artificial intelligence and insights gained through data science.

Sandra brings a wealth of strategic experience to mindstream-ai. She is embedded in the VC space, and her experience includes investing in Web3 startups, and has been named by the Telegraph newspaper as a Top 100 Female entrepreneur for her work in tech for good. An investment banker by background, Sandra has advised CFOs of some of the largest corporates in the world. Sandra's deal portfolio spans the range of c.£300m - £1.5bn. Using her entrepreneurial mindset, Sandra has worked alongside BKPM (the Indonesian Investment Board), advising on projects focussed on innovating technology for the Indonesian market.

Matthew Komorowski
Head of Mindstream-AI Academy
Ralph Stenzel

Dr Matthieu Komorowski is a senior lecturer at Imperial College London and holds full board certification in anesthesiology and critical care in both France and the UK and was previously a research fellow at the European Space Agency. He completed a PhD in machine learning applied to intensive care medicine at Imperial College London. He was a visiting scholar and lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University where he taught machine learning in healthcare. His PhD work was awarded the first prize of Research and Innovation by the British Royal Society of Medicine and was recently published in Nature Medicine.

Ralph has a wealth of startup experience having worked with FilmDoo, PropertyTribes, Quickclass and Shopitize. Prior to this he was leading tech teams and projects at Deloitte, Siemens and Lexis-Nexis (Reed Elsevier), with a focus on data analysis, data warehousing, reporting and system integration. Ralph is also busy as mentor, hackathon judge and workshop tutor. Ralph brings strong programme delivery skills and acts as the bridge between the client and the data scientists in our community.

Some of our experts
Our team comprises world class researchers and top minds from universities such as Oxford, Imperial, MIT, Harvard, UCL, Cambridge and others. 
We are specialists in data strategy and applied data science. Our team draws on over 30 individuals with expertise in; Big data systems, Software development, Data science techniques, Machine learning models and Natural language processing.
Dr. Armando Vieira
Deep Learning Expert
Dr. Anne Hsu
AI and Machine Learning Expert

Author of the book "Business Applications of Deep Learning", Apress, 2018. Author of more than 70 publications on international journals like "Expert Systems with Applications", "Journal Applied Physics", "Neurocomputing" and "Physical Review E". Co-creator of a new algorithm to classify high-dimensional data using deep neural networks (HLVQ) 2003. Passionate and experienced on Predictive Analytics and Big Data using Machine Learning approaches, in particular Artificial Neural Networks.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioural science expert with university tenure. Anne's research combines artificial intelligence with psychological sciences. A non-executive Chief Science Officer at blockchain structuring house where Anne has led the development of several crypto portfolio allocation algorithms.

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis
Expert Data Scientist
Mohamed Mowafy Msc.jpg
Mohammed Mowafy
Big Data Specialist

Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis is an expert data scientist, member of the Royal Statistical Society statistician and startup consultant living and working in London. A natural polymath, with degrees in Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Economics and a PhD in Computer Science he loves using his broad skillset to solve difficult problems.

Mohamed holds an MSc in Software Engineering and has over 10 years experience in professional services & consulting in the world of big data. He is an expert in data analytics and visual analytics & reporting with experience in integration and building machine learning classification models. He worked in several industries: healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, banking, retail, etc. He also has experience working with startups and setting up their processes and data strategy. He reduced the operating costs of the data department by twelve times for a previous employer; simply by switching to an open source software stack.

Anthony Thomas
Chief Software Engineer

Anthony is a data manager for medical data and provides private consultancy for software engineering and development. Anthony is able to communicate effectively with clients, whether translating algorithms for data extraction or delivering software from requirements. Anthony is currently based at Imperial College. His experience with health data and research spans eight years at Imperial College and UCL. Anthony understands the lifecycle of medical data and, as Information Governance Lead, the security of these data.

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