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The Genius Hub

We are pleased to announce The Genius Hub with the vision to provide Londoners with the technology skills needed to work with some of Europe’s most exciting companies based in and around the Kings Cross Knowledge Quarter. 


The Knowledge Quarter encompasses the some of the largest technology employers in Europe with organisations such as Havas Media, Google, Facebook, Expedia, Benevolent AI. 


The Challenge

The Knowledge Quarter is home to large communities of talented individuals that have been excluded from the boom due to a mismatch between their current skills and the opportunities potentially available on the doorstep. The technology sector is poorly represented by minority groups such as BAME, women, disabled etc. due to barriers to both educational opportunities and employment.

Training Providers

Hub Centre

  • WIN scheme

  • Steering committee

  • Weekly/monthly progress meeting

  • Industry engagement events

  • Regular showcase events on educational programmes that the Hub provides

  • Courses and training

  • Job fairs

  • Soft skill support: mentoring, upskill and entrepreneurial programmes



  • Employment opportunities

  • Mentoring programmes

  • Internship and apprentice programmes

  • Drop-in days

Learners with limited skills in data science / coding

Learners learn data science and coding within the Hub schemes

Learners with complete skills in data science / coding

Learners enter internship/
apprenticeship programmes at employers


What We Are Doing To Address This Challenge

Our objective is get as many Londoners as possible from disadvantaged and excluded communities into good jobs within the tech sector by providing them access through our hub to educational providers in London and by curating targeted programmes to facilitate the following:


  • Events and networking opportunities

  • Short Courses

  • Knowledge Days

  • Certified Training in technology skills such as coding and data science

  • Apprenticeships

  • Mentoring

  • Internships

  • Jobs

Image by Saulo Mohana

Are you a Londoner and interested in gaining access to the Hub?


Fill our form and gain access to the Hub, where we will provide tailored help for you based on your circumstances

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Are you an educational provider or technology company looking to partner with us? Contact us on

Technology Companies In Collaboration

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Educational Providers In Collaboration

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