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Mindstream Labs

Curating specific innovation solutions to suit enterprises looking to invest and claim their stake in high growth startups. Our accelerator programmes and hackathons combine expert workshops, mentoring sessions and training with funding, to enable start ups with high growth potential a route to success.

2-4 day datahacks

Single or multi topic

10-16 week datacellerator (e.g. kq labs)

Multi-year accelerator programmes

Bespoke branded data-centric events held on behalf of clients

Accelerator model






Demo day


Workshops and mentoring

Follow up

We team up with companies that are looking to innovate by investing in high growth startups. Based on the needs of the company, we scout for high quality startups to join our accelerator programme. Through our thorough and methodological approach, we shortlist startups and carry out due diligence on chosen start ups.

Our core accelerator model takes selected startups through a 16 week process of workshops, mentoring and training to get them to accelerate them on the path to success.

On completion of the programme startups are closely monitored and supported with on going mentoring and are encouraged to join Mindstream's incubation programme, which helps startups settle into the market logistically. Companies who have invested  either get a shares or convertible notes in the startups, depending on agreement.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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