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Case Studies

KQ Labs - Data driven health startup accelerator programme

Designed, built and delivered a multi year programme for AI startups in the health sector.  Selection of startups, support with mentoring, programme management. Monthly HealthQuake event. Monitoring performance.  Partnership agreements with The Alan Turing Institute, HDRUK, Wellcome Trust etc.

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Project - Early stage researchers and post-doc entrepreneurial programme

Working with The Francis Crick Institute, Alan Turing Institute and Entrepreneur First to train bio-medical and data scientists in entrepreneurial skills.


CoronaHack - Online global Hackathon

Designed, built and delivered a global hackathon to bring hundreds of the brightest minds in the fields of medicine and artificial intelligence to stimulate the prospect of new and novel ideas to combat Covid-19, over the space of a week.

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Project - Strategic advisory to various startups

We are supporting several advanced data-driven health startups with strategic advice and fundraising. These include an ultra-sound training application,  an NLP patient classification firm and an advanced data-science platform.

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