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KQ Labs Accelerator


In association with The Crick Institute, Mindstream-AI designed, built and delivered 'KQ Labs', a multi year VC accelerator programme for AI startups in the health sector, which has been running from 2018 - Present

KQ Labs selects, accelerates, mentors and invests in top British AI driven health startups. In affiliation with The Crick Institute, KQ Labs has attracted over 50 startups to its cohorts, and  successfully includes two exits.

KQ Labs is a five month accelerator programme to help turn scientific academic ideas into fully fledged companies. Mindstream-AI curated the selection of startups, built a mentoring ecosystem and programme managed the vehicle and onboarded partners such as The Wellcome Trust, The Alan Turing Institute and HDRUK.


  • 67m GBP raised by the KQ Labs portfolio from cohorts 1-4

  • Total portfolio currently valued at 206m GBP

  • Two exits including Glamorous AI and Sano Genetics

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Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst - Catalyser Accelerator


In association with Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, Mindstream-AI designed, built and delivered the 'Catalyser' accelerator, a multi year VC accelerator programme for AI startups in drug discovery which has been running from 2020 - Present

Mindstream-AI formulated an 8 week programme to fund startups specifically in drug discovery. The accelerator has funded over 20 startups and has included one exit, a company called 'Rakho'.

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The Genius Hub - Formerly funded by the London Mayor's Academy Programme

The GLA and the Mayor of London's Office officially contracted Mindstream-AI to create a tech hub to help underrepresented groups such as minorities, females and economically disadvantaged people get into education and good jobs in technology.

Mindstream-ai  launched The Genius Hub with the vision to provide Londoners with the technology skills needed to work with some of Europe’s most exciting companies based in and around the Kings Cross Knowledge Quarter.


The Knowledge Quarter encompasses the some of the largest technology employers in Europe with organizations such as Havas Media, Google, Facebook, Expedia, Benevolent AI.

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Post Doc Entrepreneurial Programme


Mindstream-AI created a Post-doc entrepreneurial programme in association with The Alan Turing Institute and Entrepreneur First

Mindstream-AI created a programme with The Francis Crick Institute, The Alan Turing Institute and Entrepreneur First to train bio-medical and data scientists in entrepreneurial skills.

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Designed, built and delivered a global hackathon to bring hundreds of the brightest minds in the fields of medicine and artificial intelligence to stimulate the prospect of new and novel ideas to combat Covid-19. Over 20 projects were formulated and a demo day scheduled at the end of the hackathon, in order to facilitate continual growth of the projects. Prizes and awards were sponsored by Nvidia and Slack.

CoronaHack - Hackathon

Mindstream-AI developed and delivered the 'CoronaHack' - An unprecedented online global hackathon bringing together thousands of data scientists over the course of the coronavirus outbreak to help find solutions to the global pandemic

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